The Floral Alchemist ~ Anchor your intention with the power of flowers & live a more conscious life

I create emotive floral art that brings magical moments to your day and inspires you to live your life with intention!

When you are living intentionally you lead a life that's authentic & fulfilling. You can manifest the things you dream of!

My prints help inspire you and act as a beautiful reminder of how you want to feel & what you want to bring more of into your life. They brighten your day and uplift your life, helping you to become the person you want to be.

If everyone had the courage to step up and live their purpose just think how different the world would be. It would be a much more positive place. We would each be inspiring and helping each other, and as a collective our energy would be raised so high who knows what the result would be?

I'm doing my bit by helping inspire you to do yours, with the gift of floral photography that I've been given. I create magical moments in your day because every time you look at your floral print and feel the way you want to feel, you remember to stay true to yourself and live your life with intention. You move closer to the life you've always wanted and becoming the person you want to be.

Beautiful alchemy

"Ok, so you've got me, I've fallen in love with your beautiful prints but where does the alchemy come into it?"

Alchemists turn the negative into the positive, they turn lead into gold. In my case I turn a wall in your house into a place that every time you walk past, you state your intention and are reminded of how you want to feel. Not only is your day instantly brightened with some beautiful floral energy but your manifesting powers are increased.

By creating an intention and reaffirming it every time you look at your alchemising floral art print, your dreams and desires will appear in your life that much quicker.

I invite the magic of modern art combined with ancient and mystical ritual into your day! You will feel empowered every time you see your floral art print. Your inner and outer worlds will be aligned. You will feel inspired to follow your passion and manifest the life of your dreams.

Every floral art print comes with a transformational magic + healing ritual to help you evoke healing change in your life.

Learn how a floral art print can help you change your life!

In short, I create magical moments!

My floral photography blends the power of positive energy with the purity of discovering what you want from your life, to conjure up art that radiates with intention and purpose.